Mango Ginger Iced Tea

Mango Ginger Iced Tea, Honey Iced Tea, Low Calorie Iced Tea, No Sugar added Iced Tea, Summer Drinks, Beverages, Fresh Mango

I know we are just a couple of days into spring yet it feels like summer here in Northern California. It gets very dry here during Summer and I’m not a fan of hot weather. I am a winter/fall girl- ANY DAY. I would rather be bundled up and drink non-stop hot coffee than dream about beaches in sandals. I have to admit one thing here, I am not a fan of cold tea or coffee either. I’m very strict (to the point of supremely annoying while sticking to my favorites). One of the blogging groups that I’m part of has a theme going – Mangoes. I just wrote a post on Green Mango Lentil Soup.., If you missed it here is the link –  Lentil Soup (Dal) with Green Mango and now I’m tasked with another mango recipe. I got a bag full of not-so-sweet ripe mangoes from Whole Foods and I thought why not use them to make a pitcher of Mango Iced Tea.

I just love mango and every time I see fresh, juicy mangoes in the store, all I dream about is using them either in savory or sweet dishes. Here, check out a few of my favorite mango dishes.

Chili-Lime-Mango Chicken (Healthy)

Mango Mousse (Eggless), How to Make Eggless Mango Mousse

Stirred Mango Margarita

Mango-Strawberry-Turmeric Smoothie

We live on a golf course. Our backyard faces the expansive golf course and the very thought of sitting on my swing and sipping on the Mango Iced Tea, encouraged me, even more, to make it (just like in movies. :)). Another confession – this is the first time I made and tasted tea which is not only fruit flavored but also cold.

Mango Ginger Iced Tea, Honey Iced Tea, Low Calorie Iced Tea, No Sugar added Iced Tea, Summer Drinks, Beverages, Fresh Mango

Mango_Ginger_Iced_Tea4Since I have started this food blogging, I realize that photographing my food is more labor intrusive than actually preparing the food itself. Maybe because, I’ know how to cook but I’m still learning about food styling and food photography. Every time I share my blog post with friends and family, I most eagerly wait for their feedback on how the food is looking. I’m such a dork!

Mango Ginger Iced Tea takes very very less time to prepare. If you don’t have fresh mangoes available then use peaches or strawberries. I added ginger because of its a personal favorite. Skip ginger if you don’t like it. I also used honey instead of sugar to sweeten it.

So you got Fresh Mangos, ginger, a couple of green or black tea bags?? Let’s make mango iced tea then!


  • Water 8 cups
  • Ginger crushed 1/2 inch
  • Green/Black tea bags 3. (use loose tea if you don’t have tea bags. I used green tea bags)
  • Mango pureed 1 cup
  • Sugar/Honey 3 tbs (I used Mountain Forest Raw Honey)
  • Mint for garnishing


  • Bring water to a boil with ginger in it.
  • Steep black/green tea for 10 minutes then strain.
  • Allow cooling.
  • Add Mango puree and honey/sugar to cooled tea, mix well.
  • Serve over ice with a sprig of fresh mint.

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Author: MyYellowApron

I’m scrappy, weird and goofy. I’m a snob when it comes to a LOT of things.., Mainly – coffee, wine and chocolates. I laugh loud and yell louder. I run fast, but walk slow. I love walking long walks with a hot mug of coffee held tight between my hands. I have lonely eyes and a kind heart. I forgive but rarely forget. I remember the silliest of things and forget important matters. I love to run, read, cook and entertain. I draw inspirations from anything and everything aesthetic. There are numerous people who have and still continue to enrich my life in many good ways. I will remain indebted to them – Always. My dad is my biggest fan when it comes to cooking. I could see his eyes light up every time I serve something. My mom’s agility and affectionate nature that reflects on her food is something I’m still trying to master. Travel fascinates me amongst other things. Leave me in Venice and I would get lost in its timeless beauty – The canals. The piazzas. The art. The espresso. Leave me in NYC and I would tirelessly walk the length and breadth of the city (after all, There is always something open 24 hours a day). Through this blog, I am hoping to bring in my passion and love for a few things – Cooking, Travel, Kids, Coffee, Clothes and in the interim learn more myself. Hope I am able to do justice to my PASSION.

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  1. I love mangoes, ginger and tea but never did I imagine all these three together. Thank you for sharing this! I’ll give this a try once I catch those three sitting in my pantry 🙂

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  2. Sounds interesting Aish, I have tried flavored teas and I like the berry flavored ones, Mango flavored.. bookmarked. :). Sreelatha

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Yum! This looks so delicious. I love anything with ginger and mango, so will definitely have to try this. Thanks for sharing! 🙂


  4. This looks so delicious! I love Ginger I would drink ginger shots and chase with OJ when I lived close to a juice bar! I swear the ginger shots would prevent me from getting sick and gave me lots of energy! I must try this drink it looks delicious!

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  5. I love both mango and ginger. Ginger especially when it is in weather like this and it has so many great benefits for the body. I am sure this tastes great.


  6. I haven’t tasted Mango mixed with ginger! I think it would have a weird taste, but the freshness of ginger and mango will be more dominant. I want to try it, thanks!



  7. Reblogged this on The Purple Almond and commented:
    Tomorrow I will publish the first in my series: Ultimate Guide to Nutrients. The first installment will be all about water. All recipes this week will be “water based”. I’m starting with this delightful, delicious and nutritious tea.
    I would recommend using green tea, or rooibos tea instead of black tea. Green and Rooibos are very high in anti-oxidants.
    Mango is VERY high in vitamin C, as well as vitamin A, potassium and vitamin B-6. So, onto the recipe! The recipe is from My Yellow Apron. ENJOY!!

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